sunrise from Beinn Airigh Charr

Letterewe Sunset

Beinn Airigh Charr, The Great Wilderness, Scotland

This is the view from Beinn Airigh Charr, the first summit of our Great Wilderness trek across one of the most remote areas of the British Isles in the Scottish Highlands. Part of the Fisherfields Forest in Wester Ross, after a 12 hour drive it was then a race against the light to get to our camp on the summit some 7 miles and 790m climb from the car park in Poolewe. Amazingly we managed to reach the summit in 3 1/2 hours giving us time to set up the tents before heading out with our cameras. The view from the summit is incredible and after our failed trip in April because of poor conditions it made it all the more sweeter. The view includes all of our locations we where to visit over the following 4 days which where to be blessed with some of the best weather conditions we could have wished for. Unfortunately this did result in a severe lack of sleep as at this time of year it never really gets dark!