Sunrise over a wintery Bow Fell


Bowfell, Lake District, UK

Clambering out of my tent and slipping on my frozen boots I looked outside and it didn't look too promising. Low cloud lindering on the peaks and overcast skies didn't fill me with promise. I came all the way up here so I might as well at least try I kept saying to myself. The walk wasn't long but it was tough going. As dawn progressed a gap of clear sky appeared to the southeast. I was one of those sunrises that could either be inrcredible or fizzle into nothing. Having been there many times I tried not to get too excited. I reached the summit and set myself up in the hope of something. As the red glow appeared on the clouds I knew I was in for something special. The next 10 minuets were awe inspiring. I'd never seen light like it let alone from the summit of a snow capped mountain. A truly amazing experience.