frosty sunrise from langdale pikes

Pavey Ark Sunrise

Langdale Pikes, Lake District

Sat at my computer making the final adjustments to my film I found myself drawn towards reports of snowfall in the lakes, it didn't take much persuading before I had my bags packed for another high camp. I really wanted to capture a sunset but with a forecast of a low cloud base on many summits deciding where to go was tricky. After driving around looking at snow levels I settled on the Langdale Pikes. Unfortunately when I finally reached Harrison Stickle a bank of cloud had formed over the peaks to the west and the prospect of sunset was somewhat ruined. With clear skies forecast for sunrise I felt pretty deflated and didn't see much point staying. But since I had hauled my 20kg+ pack up there I made the choice to set up camp and get an early night.

Sticking my head out onto a hard frozen landscape and clear skies at dawn I thought there was no rush, so I took my time and had a hot drink. Unbeknown to me was the mist and fog that had filled the Windermere valley that I couldn't see from my camp. It was only when I wondered off to see more of the view that I spotted this blanket of cloud. Realising I was in the wrong position I took off to Pavey Ark with little regard for my equipment or myself! After badly grazing my hand on a sharp rock and soaking my clothes in sweat I managed to get into position just as the sun rose. I managed to take a couple of stills before setting up the time-lapse rig for some filming. As the morning developed I was treated to my first proper cloud inversion, something I've been perusing for years. It was safe to say that I quickly forgot the disappointment from the night before.