Cornish storm over coastline in winter


Trevose Lighthouse, Cornwall, UK

Deciding to head down to Cornwall to see what the fuss was all about last weekend was certainly an experience. Of all the years I lived around the coast I've never seen conditions like this. 'Huge' waves just doesn't justify it, these were biblical! I headed to a spot I knew well and hadn't seen many images of from the storm coverage. For me, Trevose Lighthouse is one of those locations that sums up the Cornish coast, rocky outcrops, high seas and a lighthouse, what more could you want? I made sure I kept my distance but in some circumstances this wasn't enough as I was caught in the spray from waves crashing up to 100ft +. I left the tripod behind and set my settings to freeze the motion as much as I could and fired away. Admittedly compositions and horizons weren't ideal but it was the only way of capturing any images as the torrential rain and gale force winds made the conditions so much harder!