Cloud inversion on Dartmoor

The Flood

Leather Tor, Dartmoor, UK

Mist and low lying fog have always alluded me in my photographic years, no matter how many times I've woken up before dawn to catch a glimpse of this spectacle I've never really had the conditions I've hoped for. Luckily for me the forecast last weekend was just too good and I set my alarm at 4am in hope of something amazing. Heading through fog I emerged onto the higher moor roads to be greeted with a thick blanket of mist with only a few tors visible. As the wind picked up the mist began to retreat at in incredible rate. Dashing out of the car I headed to a spot I knew well. Waiting for the light I watched as the mist wax and waned like crashing waves in and around Burrator. This is one of those moments of awe and spectacle and one I hope to witness again not in the too distant future.