dartmoor woodland in mist

Twisted Copse

Dartmoor, UK

There are only three high altitude woodlands on Dartmoor, they give an indication of what much of the moorland looked like before the intrusion of man and the need of farmland. Wistman's wood is probably one of the most well known locations on Dartmoor and it's easy to see why yet the two other woodlands including Piles Copse are equally as impressive. Thought to have been replanted in the 1600's Piles Copse has been left to grow naturally for hundreds of years, clinging to the steep slopes of the landscape. What is most impressive is how these oak trees can adapt to it's surroundings, sitting as low to the ground, it's able to withstand the high winds and unforgiving climate. The branches are long and twisted finding any way it can to reach the much needed sunlight to survive.