autumn in ancient woodland

Wistman's Last Light

Wistmans Wood, Dartmoor, UK

Autumn here in the southwest of the UK has been very shy this year, with the rest of the country in full flow it's remained fairly green throughout the past month but there are signs things will pick up over the next week or two. Nevertheless I headed out in search of signs of Autumn and found myself at the most infamous ancient woodland on Dartmoor. Moss covered twisted oaks and granite boulders provide a wealth of compositions. However with so much going on finding the right one is a time consuming task and with little sunlight to play with it becomes a challenge in itself. Although I like to think most of my landscape images are technically correct it's such a great feeling to take an image that doesn't conform to the typical rules in landscape photography that still holds it's feel and aesthetics. Backlighting is one of my favourite lighting situations to work with, although challenging, done correctly they produce brilliant results no matter what subject you maybe shooting.