St Mary’s Lighthouse

St Mary’s Ligthouse Whitley Bay, Northumberland, UK Early morning light on the beach at Whitley Bay with St Mary’s Lighthouse behind

Bamburgh Reflections

Bamburgh Reflections Bamburgh, Northumberland Bamburgh castle reflected in a pool on the beach on a beautiful calm morning on the Northumberland coastline.

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall Northumberland, UK Hadrian’s wall looking towards Housesteads Fort on a January afternoon.

Bamburgh Blues

BAMBURGH BLUES Bamburgh, Cornwall, UK Blue hour over Bamburgh castle on the Northumbrian coast in winter.


DUNSTANBURGH CASTLE Dunstanburgh, Northumberland, UK Dunstanburgh castle in last evening light in winter. I noticed the rocky coastline would make a good foreground subject and it was just a case of waiting for the right wave.

Durham Cathedral Snow

DURHAM CATHEDRAL SNOW Durham, UK The bizarre weather continues in the UK as weeks of mild weather suddenly changed for a few hours yesterday afternoon as the North East was blanketed in snow. The thought of going anywhere remote quickly diminished as the roads became gridlocked and impassible, so I jumped on my bike and … Read More