Arise Brecon Beacons, UK Late in the evening as the mist began to rise from one of the many valleys of the river Mellte that contains the stunning waterfall of Sgwd Y Eira.

Hidden Primrose

Hidden Primrose Bovey Woods, Dartmoor, UK Spring is such a great time to be out with the camera, new life and colour seems to appear from nothing. Due the extended winter this year we experienced most of the flora of Dartmoor has been delayed or in the case of the primroses a bumper year due … Read More

Oak Sunrise

Oak Sunrise Fingle Woods, Dartmoor, UK An early start in March to a small patch of ancient oaks on the fringes of Fingle Woods on Dartmoor. I watched an waited for the sun to rise through the open canopy onto the woodland floor that was now a wash of bilberry bushes.

Beneath the Trees

Beneath the trees Plymbridge, Devon, UK Returning to any location in different conditions is always refreshing, you notice different compositions, light sources and inspiration. I came back to Plymbridge woods on the edge of Plymouth in the rain to discover a slight mist had descended over the woodland making for some great interest and contrast.


Distortionist Black-a-tor Copse, Dartmoor, UK Heavy snowfall prompts major travel disruption and chaos for many in the UK but it also creates so fantastic photo opportunities especially as snowfall in the South West of England is a rarity. Heading out onto north of Dartmoor national park I knew of an Ancient woodland I was yet … Read More


DELUGE Haytor Vale, Dartmoor, UK Working with mist and fog is such an enjoyable process, watching scenes enfold as it ebbs and flows over the landscape is a stunning sight. I stood and watched these trees on the edge of a woodland get swallowed up by the waves of mists before revealing themselves again. As … Read More

Black a tor waterfall

BLACK A TOR WATERFALL Black a tor Copse, Dartmoor, UK A small waterfall from the West Okement River on the north eastern edge of Dartmoor


BLACK A TOR GREENS Black a Tor Copse, Dartmoor, UK an amazing day out enjoying the vivid greens of the ancient Oak woodland in high summer on Dartmoor.