Landscape photography by Guy Richardson

Guy Richardson is a professional landscape photographer and time-lapse filmmaker, known for his evocative images of the UK landscape. His films and images are used by some of the UK's largest tourism and conservation organisations, including Visit Britain and The Woodland Trust.

Guy is well known for his images of Cornwall and Dartmoor, where he spent his earlier years. Now based in Exeter, he has a growing passion for the mountains of the UK, especially in Scotland. Guy spends much of his time in the wildest places of the UK, finding unique and powerful images that capture the landscape at its best.




Practical Photography in the Lake District

Practical Photography in the Lake District

24th April 2018

Early last year I had the pleasure of hosting Practical Photography magazine in the Lake District. The deputy editor of Practical Photography, Tim, and videographer, Jake, joined me for a spot of wild camping and landscape photography. The aim was to produce a short interview style video in which Tim and myself would discuss landscape … Read More

BEN STARAV – A Winter Munro

BEN STARAV – A Winter Munro

18th February 2017

It was a dark, damp and cold March morning when I left home. My aim was to spend a couple of days in Glencoe and aim to climb and camp on at least one Munro (which is the name for a Scottish mountain over 3000ft). Seeing as I would be passing the Lake District on … Read More

Gitzo vs Sirui – Lightweight Tripod Comparison

Gitzo vs Sirui – Lightweight Tripod Comparison

13th September 2016

Tripods are essential for many forms of image making but no more so than for Landscape photography. Tripods not only provide stability, they are a platform to work from. Just like a painter and his easel they allow the user to tweak the composition, use different techniques and to simply step back and take your … Read More