Reflection of milky way in national park

Steeperton's Galaxy

Taw Marsh, Dartmoor, UK

It was a reluctant decision to camp out on Dartmoor midweek straight after work but I wanted to make the most of the clear skies and a new moon to photograph the Milky Way. Needless to say with only 3 hours sleep and a somewhat blurred day at work I was happy I did it. Camped up on Belstone tor, I headed down to Taw Marsh around 1.30am. Considering I had never walked on this part of the moor it was an interesting experience in pitch darkness. I found myself at the river that winds itself from Steeperton tor off into north Devon and with no wind the reflection was like a mirror. With time passing fast and my eyes getting heavier I made a few exposures including this 5 image stitch of the incredible sky before heading off to try and find my way back up to my tent.