Specialist Time-lapse Filming

Time-lapse photography is a perfect medium to capture the world around us. Using state of the art techniques and specialist equipment to create motion controlled footage, produces engaging and dynamic viewing even over a short passage of time. Having vast experience shooting in a variety of environments and a variety of subjects from one of the largest tidal changes in the world to a summit sunrise on a snow covered Scottish mountain, no task is too great. Having filmed many cities and landmarks around the UK it's my passion for nature and the wilder landscape has pushed me to film in harder to reach locations. Having some of the lightest equipment available has allowed me to go higher and further to capture a world not many people see.

Commercial Work

I have worked for the UK's largest tourism agency and conservation organisations with my business partner Alex Nail and have had our work seen by millions. We pride ourselves on capturing extremely high quaility time-lapses that aren't just engaging but technically perfect. If you'd like to know more then please get in touch.

Lakeland Winter

A short time-lapse film showcasing the magic of winter in England's highest national park. Filming during the winter months in the mountains had many challenges and many trips required wild camping and plenty of patience.

Dartmoor Timelapse

In 2014 I co-produced a feature film of Dartmoor National Park with Alex Nail. Filmed over 12 months, we wanted to capture the changing face of Dartmoor through the seasons by covering the parks most iconic locations and sweeping landscapes.

Fingle Woods

A short film I co-produced with Alex Nail for the Woodland Trust. Our aim for the film was to show off the most beautiful parts of Fingle Woods throughout the spring season as a vision for the future. We accomplished this through careful planning and more creative capturing techniques.